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Red Prom Dresses

Shop Ever Pretty’s collection of red prom dresses for affordable looks that reflect the latest trends. With so many different silhouettes within our collection, you have a broad range to choose from for the big dance.

Red is the perfect option for a girl who wants to walk into the dance with confidence and style. This bold color is a fun, flirty, and a memorable option for such a special event. The beauty of this tone is that it flatters almost all skin types. Red brightens up fair skin tones, while adding a glow to complement darker skin tones.

Add distinctive detail to your vibrant look by choosing a red dress with a print or embellishments. A little sparkle goes a long way. Sequins and rhinestones make the red dress even bolder. This is the perfect choice for a fashionista who wants to make a statement.

Within this color palette, there are many different shades. Bright red is very present and powerful, while a deep burgundy is timeless and elegant. After choosing the shade of red you would like to wear on prom night, the silhouette is another important detail. Choose the hemline and neckline that best flatters your unique figure.

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