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How to Measure

Size Chart

Size Bust Waist
US AU/UK EURO cm inch cm inch
4 6 32 < 81cm < 32" < 66cm < 26"
6 8 34 81cm-86cm 32"-34" 66cm-71cm 26"-28"
8 10 36 86cm-91cm 34"-36" 71cm-76cm 28"-30"
10 12 38 91cm-96cm 36"-38" 76cm-81cm 30"-32"
12 14 40 96cm-101cm 38"-40" 81cm-86cm 32"-34"
14 16 42 101cm-106cm 40''-42'' 86cm-91cm 34''-36''
16 18 44 106cm-111cm 42''-44'' 91cm-96cm 36''-38''
18 20 46 111cm-116cm 44''-46'' 96cm-101cm 38''-40''

This size chart is used by us when we work out our measurements.
Still unsure about what size your clothes need to be? Look here! Please measure a similar item that you own in the same way:
Please Note: Lay your garment flat, measure the back of dress with a flexible measuring tape.


Measure the fullest part of bust area.
Measuring from the left underarm seam and then over to the right underarm seam.

picture 1 picture 2
  • With subtle elastic on the back, picture 1 First, don't stretch elastic, measure from the left underarm seam and then over to the right underarm seam, you get the first measurement. Second, stretch elastic, position the tape, get another measurement. Measurement is range value, which is between these two measurements, such as this dress: 34''-36''
  • No elastic string on the back, picture 2
    Please just measure from the left underarm seam and then over to the right underarm seam. Measurement is one value.


Measure the waist should be divided into low waist and empire waist.

picture 3 picture 4
  • Low waist: 6 inches below the armpit, it is the thinnest part of the body, picture 3
  • Empire waist: below the chest, usually for long dresses, picture 4


Measure the position 7 inches below the waist or 13 inches below armpit.

picture 5 picture 6
picture 7 picture 8
  • No lined dresses and the skirt stick together with lining dresses, measure the out layer of the dress, picture 5
  • Lining and the skirt is separated, picture 6
    Measure the dimensions of lining, if the lining is stretchy, the measurement will be a range value
  • For balloon dresses, the hem is narrower than the hipline, please measure the bottom of the dresses, picture 7
  • Sun dresses, free hip, picture 8


picture 9 picture 10
  • Straps, single strap, and halter dresses, picture 9
    Adjustable the straps to the middle position, measure from the top of the strap to bottom.
  • Strapless dresses: measure the from the shoulder to bottom, picture 10